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Sampaio Bruno, 5-13 (Oporto)

Renovation of a residential building located in the heart of Porto, right next to Avenida dos Aliados, one of the most important and busy areas of the city, attracting a lot of demand as it is considered a premium touristic and commercial area.

The Project consisted of the renovation of an existing early 20 th century building to build 15 premium apartments while maintaining the current façade.

The property will have 6 floors above ground and the apartments will occupy the four top floors.

Works are in progress.

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Location: Rua Sampaio Bruno, 5-13 (Oporto)

Apartments: 15

Parking places: none

Typologies: 12 T1’s, 3 T2’s

Gross construction area (GCA): 1.482 sqm

Purchase of the property: 3rd quarter 2018

End of construction (forecast): 3rd quarter 2020

Current stage: works in progress


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