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About Us

About Us

QUANTICO, SA is a company that carries out investments and develops projects with solid business models, in order to drive SUSTAINABLE VALUE CREATION.
Our Mission is to consistently select business fields with great potential that generate high returns at low risk.

Currently, its activity is focused on REAL ESTATE PROJECTS.

In 2017 Quantico created a joint venture with Albatross Capital and both companies raised and advise ALBATROSS IBERIAN RE RENOVATION FUND I, an investment vehicle based in Luxembourg, focused in the premium urban renovation segment in Portugal.

The Fund size is 100 million euros used to buy and refurbish residential buildings which after renovation are sold on a retail basis.

QUANTICO/ALBATROSS is managing 14 projects in Portugal amounting of 550 €M in expected sales, 150.000 buildable sqm and 1.300 residential and commercial units.

In 2019, QUANTICO / ALBATROSS launched a new investment platform for the residential segment, focused on major new construction projects for the Portuguese middle class.
The first project has already been started, representing an investment of over 200M € in 1,000 apartments in Oporto.

QUANTICO / ALBATROSS has managed Real Estate projects in Portugal in the order of 400 M€.

Among its investors are private entities, family offices, Funds and large institutional entities.

Our Values


To be a company with great credibility and solidity, sustained by consistently rigorous and transparent practices.


To generate trust among all our partners.


To create long-term value for all of our stakeholders.


Experienced Team

The control and majority share of QUANTICO, SA is held by the Executive Chairman, Carlos Vasconcellos, a manager and entrepreneur with vast experience running businesses in more than 20 countries.

With experience managing both listed and unlisted companies, he was CEO of some of the largest Portuguese and Brazilian companies (PT Comunicações, PT Internacional, Telesp Celular, Global Telecom) and was a member of the Global Board of one of the greatest multinational information and consulting services companies (DUN & Bradstreet Corporation, USA). He also has great experience in small and medium enterprises and start-ups, as well as being a board member of several national and international firms, namely of a major real estate fund.

Miguel Costa Gomes (CEO) and Graça Medina (Board Member) are also shareholders and executive members of the Board of Directors.

Carlos Vasconcellos

Executive Chairman

Miguel Costa Gomes


Graça Medina

Board Director

Jorge Vieira

Project Director

Tiago Soares

Project Director

Pilar Ramos

Office Manager


QUANTICO focuses on providing services and carrying out investments in Urban Regeneration, renovating buildings with great architectural value in Portugal’s historic cities, especially Lisbon and Porto..

We offer our “one-stop-shop” services to national and foreign investors, with whom we co-invest in projects to requalify buildings that are a part of Portugal’s historic heritage.

Our “one-stop-shop” concept involves identifying, negotiating, purchasing, regenerating and selling or renting the regenerated properties, providing investors with a complete and comprehensive service that begins with the meticulous selection of the properties until placing them on the market, always maintaining a detailed and completely transparent reporting model..

QUANTICO’s main competitive advantages are the rigour with which we analyse and negotiate the projects, our network of contacts and partners specialised in the various components of the regeneration process - architects, construction companies, national and international operators and distribution channels, as well as our excellent relationship with the Municipalities and other related Entities, resulting from the credibility and respect our partners derive from these Bodies.


QUANTICO’s distinguishing role is to surround ourselves with a group of partners of exceptional quality in the various fields relating to urban regeneration and who share the same principles and values as us.

Virtuous Circle


Business Areas

QUANTICO, SA is concentrating its activity on URBAN REGENERATION in this country, focusing particularly on the historic districts in Lisbon and Porto.

All investments must uphold the following fundamental strategic imperatives:





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1200 - 027 Lisboa


(+351) 21 347 24 35

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